This game is somewhat reminiscent of the already legendary The Last of US. Only there are some points that still make this game a little different. And the bottom line is that the whole plot is that two girls need to be saved from difficulties. The era of time promises that there are a lot of diseases in the game world, for example, in this location such a disease as the plague attracted attention. It hurt a lot of people died from this sore. What about people who risk their health simply because they might accidentally become infected with this unhealthy problem. That is the task of the two main characters, who are sisters for each other. One is the older sister, who has interesting mental abilities that will help you in the game, and the younger sister, who has higher thinking, who constantly helps her older sister in the difficult tasks. These beautiful sisters will try to save themselves by leaving the city, avoiding infection with a deadly disease. Just understand one thing, this is not such an easy task, because these are not the only difficulties that await you all the way. There is also the Inquisition, which has a sharp look at the main characters. The reason for such activity on the part of the Inquisition is unknown, the game does not reveal this, but the path to the finale - you may be able to do it ... There are some nuances that are worth noting in the game: the game plot, the quality of the graphics and the music. We will analyze each category as it is. The game plot is an ordinary surveyor who gives full control over the game, the full development of the plot depends only on you. Many gamers like this, which confirms the large number of downloads of another popular game - The last of us. Renting A Plague Tale: Innocence Xbox ONE will allow you to fully get the game to receive such opportunities. Next, we discuss the sound that is present in the game. The fact is that this game, saturated with sound that immerses the player in an amazing atmosphere, it happens that you just forget where you are. This is noted by many publications that put good marks on this project from the United States. There is another problem, some storylines do not develop in such a way that they are tightened, but the player can get bored very quickly, because quite a lot of time can be spent on passing many game lines. But what about those who have long been fans of this game developer. So, they shared their impressions, and they say that indeed, the game missions seem a bit long, but this does not give a sense of lost time and you can safely continue to play for your own pleasure. What else is worth highlighting from this game, probably, it is only that this game is similar to its brother about a man and a girl who are also trying to save their lives in another parallel reality. But the time in these games is very different, so each game has its plus and minus. In this game, there is a special atmosphere of other centuries, and then our time, which changes my impressions very much. The only thing is, if you want to plunge into the atmosphere where the plague reigned, then just start playing it.

Additional information
Developed by Asobo Studio
Age rating For ages 17 and up
Release date 5/14/2019
Category Action & adventure

A Plague Tale: Innocence | Xbox ONE

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