A fascinating flight simulator that immerses you in a full-fledged way of control in the sky. It’s just something, renting ACE COMBAT 7: SKIES UNKNOWN xbox one is one of the games that has entered the top in terms of style and atmosphere of controlling iron birds in the sky. How many critics gave their marks to different competitors of ice, but this game was still able to attract attention. The essence of the game is that you are an ordinary soldier, who gradually becomes an ass in the management of such cool equipment. You have to complete the complex tasks that will be available to you step by step. At first it will be just tasks on technology and beauty, then tasks more difficult will already appear. After you complete a fully training course, several tasks for average players appear, where it will be necessary to show your first skills, this may not even happen the first time. Do not despair, because this game is a powerful entertainment tool for flight lovers. Special tasks give maximum control for the player, there will be available missile launches on enemy aircraft and equipment. It is necessary to carry out the tasks clearly according to the plan, because otherwise it can harm your entire squad, and then your team will be defeated and it will be impossible to correct the situation. This is the seventh part of the series, which should show the most convenient controls and graphics. Everything is so detailed here that in cloudy weather you can even be struck by lightning, imagine how you fly in dark clouds and there is a discharge that completely excludes the fight and your interface is lost on the screen. And. one of the coolest tasks is to capture the target, but so that you are not fixed by radars. This implies that you must fly so low above the ground to avoid fixing radars. Isn't that art, then what? There are unexpected disadvantages of this game, it is made so that the best planes are located at the end of the development branch, but you think this is good for balance, then what should you do? You need to develop over time and buy perks that you don’t need at all, that’s the problem of this series, what else to do ... yes, you will have to fly several missions on one plane, which may already be so annoying that you just won’t start this the game. Also in the game there is a separate category of the battle piano, where the game is 8x8, this will help you earn extra points and money for the development of your future career. A unique way to have a good time is virtual reality glasses, in them you will feel as comfortable as possible, I can answer this as an evaluator of all this creativity. In general, if you are not a fan of a series of flights on an airplane, then you are unlikely to already find your interest in this. There are a lot of players who for many years have been moving from the old part to the new one, which will make it difficult for you to enter the specialist mode. But you can always challenge yourself and try to give battle to such specialists in the air, the main thing is not to give up and not lose heart. there is something similar to the style between the tanks and this game.

Additional information
Approximate size 42.09 GB
Developed by BANDAI NAMCO Studios Inc.
Age rating For ages 13 and up
Release date 1/18/2019
Category Racing & flying


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