Activation Microsoft Store games using Activator by rent4today

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Step 1: Log in to your personal account in the Companion Xbox Console app. If the application is not on the PC, install it from the Microsoft Store. If you don’t have a personal account yet, create a new one. Close the Xbox Console Companion.

Step 2: Launch the activator (Activator via the activator link). Together with it, the Microsoft Store will open.

Step 3: Be sure to log out of your Microsoft Store account.

Step 4: Enter the purchased activation key into the activator and click the "To check the activation key" button.

Step 5: The "Enter log: pass to MS Store" button should appear in the activator. Click on this button. If the key is not correct, an error will occur.

IMPORTANT: The key can be activated only 1 time on one device and only on one.

Step 6: After the activator enters the necessary data, Microsoft may request a code. If the code requested, write in tech support your game activation code (in any of the messengers on the contact page or widget in the lower right corner). After receiving the code, enter it where requested.

Step 7: After all these manipulations, you will become authorized under our Microsoft account and will be able to download the purchased game and DLC, if any.
The activator can be closed.


FAQ / Frequently asked questions

  1. What should I do after activation?
    - Start the game downloading
    - Log in (if not already logged in) to your personal account in the "Xbox Console Companion" app on your PC. It will store all Microsoft game saves.
  2. Can I log out of your Microsoft Store account?
    Yes you can. Our account is only needed to download the game. Therefore, you can change your account immediately after the start of the download.
    The exception applies to games with DLC. For DLC to be available in the game, you must be logged in to our Microsoft Store account.
  3. How do I sign in to your Microsoft Store account again?
    After activation, the account is saved in the Microsoft Store in the list of previously used accounts and you can log in without using the activator. You will only need the password from the account, which can take in techsupport.
  4. I reinstalled Windows and my accounts list was reset. How do I sign in to your account again?
    Just activate our account, as the first time, with the same key.
  5. How long is the issued activation key valid?
    The key has no time limits.
  6. Can I activate the game on multiple PCs with one activation key?
    No, one key = one PC.
  7. I'm going to change the processor, motherboard, or PC entirely. How do I transfer activation?
    Write to us in chat on page of the purchased goods. We will cancel the old activation key and give you a new one.
  8. Why are DLC unavailable? I have not logged out of the account.
    About once a month the password on our MS Store account changes. So you need to log out of our account and log in back with a new password. The current password is always available in techsupport.
  9. How do I change my nickname?
    Your nickname in the game is taken from your personal account settings in the "Xbox Console Companion" app. There same he and is changing.
  10. Can I play on Xbox?
    No, only from a Windows 10 PC.
  11. After activation, I become the owner of the purchased account? Or does anyone else have access to the account?
    Account belongs to us. We only allow you to download the game from our account through activation and enjoy all the features of the licensed game without restrictions. Full access to our account is not granted for security reasons.
  12. I get kicked out of the game all the time because someone is playing it!
    Sign in to your personal account on the "Xbox Console Companion" app, game crashes will stop.
  13. My game crashes every 15-30 minutes, what should I do?
    This problem happens on some PCs. You can solve it in the ways from this article.
  14. Problem when you re-sign in to your account with a password in the Microsoft Store
    A screenshot of the error

    You can see how to solve this problem here.
  15. Is there a virus In the activator?
    No, the activator's clean. Your anti-virus is triggered on the activator protection system from hacking.
  16. Error 0x803f8001
    To solve this problem, you'll need to re-enter your purchased account with the current password(current password is always available in techsupport) and perform a sequence of actions:
    1. Download any free not installed application (Planner 5D, Autodesk SketchBook, Instagram or Viber, etc).
    2. After start downloading the application, cancel it.
    3. Start the game (If it did not help immediately, wait 5-10 minutes and repeat the instruction).
  17. Error while downloading game / Error 0x80073CFB
    This error is a consequence of incomplete removal of the pirated copy of the game Forza 4. You need to delete all the files and remnants of the game registry.
  18. I can not activate, or there are problems with the game.
    In this case, it is possible to manually activate and solve problems through remote control of the PC using the TeamViewer program. Just write to the seller in the form of correspondence on the page of the purchased goods.



  • You can log out of our account without losing activation. Until you delete our account from MS Store, you can log in to it again with the password, which is always available in techsupport. In this case the security code will not be requested, therefore is no need to reuse the activator.
    If you have any problems when clicking on the link you need to copy the link and send it to your Telegram in the "Saved Messages" and from there go to it.
  • In order for DLC to be available in the game , you must be logged in to our MS Store account and to your personal account in the "Xbox Console Companion" app.

  • An article describing solutions to common problems.