For a long time there was no way out of a real shooter that will draw your attention. Rent Agents of Mayhem xbox one - this game is about how to have a good time completely at your pleasure. This game is a third-person action game with a complete immersion in the game. Detailing worked out just fine, hit counts at the slightest touch. The most diverse weapons await you in this game: these are blasters, these are magnificent sabers that are not inferior to ordinary machine guns. Yes, there is a chance that in the beginning it will be hard to deal with so much game information. There are also a large number of perks that will create unnecessary concern about whether your character is correctly pumped, or if something needs to be changed. It’s good that you can then pump all the perks differently, and if you made a mistake and pumped something by mistake, this can be fixed in an instant. There is a problem, the game does not have multiplayer - this is the global problem of the game. It does not exist at all, from the word in general, either it was the laziness of the developers, or the lack of budget affected this. The motivation of the game is very doubtful, it ends only on the fact that it is necessary to kill a large number of monsters in the mission, were they killed? Excellent! There is a new mission for you, it does not suit you, there are no more offers. Such things ... But this game is just a good solid time killer. Or to put it another way, the budget variation of Cyberpank, which will be already this fall, is a very dubious competitor, of course, just as an interesting variation to look at the raw development. This action movie resembles the development of a free shooter that is filled with donations and a leaderboard. In this game, the mechanics or something else technical is not developed, it's just a game filled with its own atmosphere. The co-op is also present in this game, but imagine how you and your friend completely complete the mission and bring down the enemies and then the turn comes to the boss, then the game also blocks you, because only one can fight the boss, how can this be understood? A very strange solution from the developers. In general, an incomprehensible game that simply can not even recapture its budget. Here is an example scenario of your progress in this game. First, you run on the map and see new tasks that need to be completed, then you take and agree to it, then you run around the building, look for the important point that needs to be activated, you find, then you will carry out a similar plan in the next task. Now we turn to the battle with the boss, do you think that it is somehow different from each other? No, all bosses play according to the same plan, which almost everyone has. You dominate the boss, then take away a little health, he releases several enemies that must also be killed. Yeah, we dealt with this, now we go back to the boss and try to kill again. repeat if necessary. That's the whole strategy of the game, here either you play alone for one character, or it’s just better not to play this game, yes, it’s just a good game that you should take a little time at bedtime, and then you can play it a little, because even the soundtracks in it are not very impressive.

Additional information
Approximate size 45.41 GB
Developed by Deep Silver Volition
Age rating For ages 17 and up
Release date 8/15/2017
Category Action & adventure

Agents of Mayhem | Xbox ONE

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