This game set contains Blazing Beaks !

Immediately after payment you will receive an original license digital key to download the game «Blazing Beaks» for XBOX ONE and XBOX SERIES X|S .
Consoles: Xbox ONE \ XS
Languages: all available for this game in the Xbox Store

VPN may be required to activate the key. Detailed instructions for its use are supplied with the key.

Technical support will help in solving any problems with the code. Online 16 hours a day, DAILY.

Additional information
Developed by Applava
Release date 5/7/2021
Category Applava • Action & adventure • Shooter

Blazing Beaks | Xbox | Key

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Roguelite - where too much greediness can be fatal. A colorful world with armed birds blazing their way through piles of mutants, monsters and creepy creatures. Lots of mysteries to unravel, secrets to discover and levels to explore.


Story mode (1-2 local players): An explosive adventure where you’ll find yourself fighting invaders and searching for the origin of evil. There’s an endless onslaught of enemies for you to shoot, blast, zap and disintegrate every which way. A cute and charming world with challenging levels full of surprises.

● Normal: Procedurally generated levels where every single playthrough is a unique experience.

● Seeded: You can set your seed and play the same levels.

● Daily: Compete with other players in a newly generated run every day.

● Challenges: Try to beat various twisted challenges.

Tournament mode (2-4 local players): A battle experience where you compete with your friends to find out who's the real hero.

● Deathmatch: Everyone out for themselves. Last beak standing wins.

● One gun mode: Each player starts with the same randomly chosen weapon which cannot be changed for that round.

● Drop Hearts mode: A player drops some hearts when he is hurt and he or any other player can collect them.

● Skull keeper mode: Grab and keep the golden skull without losing it for a certain amount of time and all your opponents will lose 1 HP.

● Hunting mode: Each player starts with a spear. Once you throw it, you need to grab it before you can throw it again