This game set contains Crazy Gravity !

Immediately after payment you will receive an original license digital key to download the game «Crazy Gravity» for XBOX ONE and XBOX SERIES X|S .
Consoles: Xbox ONE \ XS
Languages: all available for this game in the Xbox Store

VPN may be required to activate the key. Detailed instructions for its use are supplied with the key.

Technical support will help in solving any problems with the code. Online 16 hours a day, DAILY.

Additional information
Developed by Ratalaika Games, JM Neto Game Dev
Release date 10/20/2021
Category Eastasiasoft Limited • Action & adventure • Platformer

Crazy Gravity | Xbox | Key

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Drift, leap and flip through brain-teasing interstellar puzzle stages in retro platforming style!

Blast off for out-of-this world platforming antics in Crazy Gravity, a side-scrolling action game where gravity can be your worst enemy or your greatest ally! Take the role of a little astronaut lost in space. Your primary objective is to energize your rocket and return home, but to do that, you’ll need to make your way through brain-teasing obstacles and collect the necessary resources.

Gravity always pulls slowly downward, but by flipping, the little astronaut can control which way id down! Use gravity reversal to navigate platforms and avoid hazards, reach power switches or keep yourself suspended mid-leap. It’s a challenging experience that will make you think dynamically, a tough yet accessible journey for all ages spanning 30 cosmic hand-drawn levels!