The action of Darksiders 3 takes place after the Apocalypse and the destruction of the Third Kingdom (Earth). The Horseman War is imprisoned and awaiting the trial of the Charred Council. When the rest of the Horsemen (Death, Plague and Discord) are informed of the suspicions of the betrayal of War, Death decides to atone for the sins of his brother, to erase the crime itself - that is, to restore the Third Kingdom. After talking with Absalom, absorbed in corruption, Death enters the Kingdom of the Dead. With the help of the merchant Ostegoth, he learns that humanity can be resurrected using the Source of Souls. But first, you need to talk with the Bone Lord. Through the Tree of Death, Death falls on the Lost Light, an angelic outpost where one of the Keys is located

Additional information
Approximate size 26.74 GB
Developed by Gunfire Games
Age rating For ages 17 and up
Release date 11/27/2018
Category Action & adventure

Darksiders 3 | Xbox ONE

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