This game set contains Deadly Days !

Immediately after payment you will receive an original license digital key to download the game «Deadly Days» for XBOX ONE and XBOX SERIES X|S .
Consoles: Xbox ONE \ XS
Languages: all available for this game in the Xbox Store

VPN may be required to activate the key. Detailed instructions for its use are supplied with the key.

Technical support will help in solving any problems with the code. Online 16 hours a day, DAILY.

Additional information
Developed by Pixelsplit
Release date 8/3/2021

Deadly Days | Xbox | Key

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Deadly Days is a unique strategic rogue-lite in the zombie apocalypse. Manage and protect a group of survivors and help them to stop the catastrophe.

Discover and use a large number of wild and crazy objects, even wilder and crazier survivors, special abilities, and deadly weapons