Get the ULTIMATE EDITION to unlock the base game, the SUPPORTER UPGRADE, the MEGACORP and DARK FUTURE DLC packs! SUPPORTER UPGRADE: This is for the true fan that wants to aid us further in the development of the game. Apart from our undying devotion and everlasting thanks, it gives you 4 unique armor variants only available to Supporter Upgrade buyers, as well as a custom Badge that will display next to your name ingame to show just what a badass you are. DARK FUTURE PACK: A hard-edged and tactical set of kit especially for our most discerning employees: 4 unique suits of Armor, two matching Helmets to go with the armors, and a matching Paintjob for your personal drone Bosco. Important note: The contents of this Pack are cosmetic only! MEGACORP PACK: Straight off the industrial carbon presses of the research floor! Includes a set of FULL MESH RESKINS of all the games weapons. Pair them up with Class-specific Armor Paintjobs to match your new weapons, as well as a matching Paintjob for your trusty Pickaxe. Important note: The contents of this Pack are cosmetic only!

Additional information
Approximate size 1.94 GB
Developed by Ghost Ship Games
Age rating For ages 13 and up
Release date 5/13/2020

Deep Rock Galactic Ultimate Edition | Xbox ONE

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