Dishonored - an exciting and unusual action game in which you have to transform into a hit man who owns otherworldly forces. Consumed by a thirst for revenge, he instills fear into the streets of gloomy Danwall, marking his path with the corpses of enemies. At your disposal - a flexible combat system, extraordinary abilities and an extensive arsenal of various devices. In the Dishonored world, it all depends on your actions, and subsequent missions are determined by the choices made during the game. Dishonored events take place in Danwall - a huge industrial metropolis, on the streets of which technology and mysticism clashed. The protagonist - the Empress’s bodyguard, accused of killing her client - by the will of fate turns into a mysterious assassin, hiding his face under a mask. From now on, he is a shadow on the streets of a city tormented by the plague, living in fear of the government, incomprehensible technologies and otherworldly forces. The truth is dark as water in the channels ring compressing Danwall. And life will never be the same.

Additional information
Approximate size 54.72 GB
Developed by Arkane Studios
Age rating For ages 17 and up
Release date 11/11/2016
Category Action & adventure

Dishonored 2 | Xbox ONE

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