The game will unfold in a city called Harran. An unknown virus outbreak occurred in the city, resulting in instant infection of the population. The main character, Kyle Crane, an undercover operative, enters Harran with a mission to get a file with which to spread the virus. He must neutralize the entire population from this virus, which is caused by a terrible wave. It is very dangerous for the population, because they were so happy and happy here in a peaceful city. You play as a character who must protect himself and the world from all problems. A gang of thugs led by sadist Rais, and on the other a group of runners trying to survive, are all opponents who could only get in the way of the hero in the Xbox ONE Dying Light game

Additional information
Approximate size 910.43 MB
Developed by Climax Studios Ltd
Age rating For ages 10 and up
Release date 2/9/2016
Category Action & adventure

Dying Light: Enhanced Edition | Xbox ONE

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