In addition to healthy people, the game world is inhabited by mutant people, among which there are ghouls and super mutants. Ghouls, which, in particular, are people from Vault 12, look like dead men or zombies. The developers of the game offered several versions of what turns a person into a ghoul. Tim Kane considered radiation to be the main cause of this metamorphosis, and Chris Taylor and Chris Avellone believed that the transformation is affected by the virus of man-made evolution. What undoubtedly can please, players spend hours exploring the terrain of the game. Each monster is found very quietly and often. His damage is the most dangerous thing that can happen to you in the game Fallout 76.

Additional information
Approximate size 78.33 GB
Developed by Bethesda Game Studios
Age rating For ages 17 and up
Release date 11/14/2018
Category Role playing

Fallout 76 | Xbox ONE

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