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Our service offers you such a sensational game for rent FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition for the Xbox One and Series XS console.

EA Sports Fifa 22 Ultimate Edition How will never bring the game to reality with the fundamental improvement of the gameplay and innovations in all modes.

Among the fresh features of the gameplay are high stability on the last edge due to changes in behavior of goalkeepers, new physical characteristics of the ball, subversive jerks, as well as new attack strategies.

Carry out your football dreams in career mode - create a football club and lead it to glory.

Volta Football with a changed gameplay awards you for your skillful technique.

Make the composition in the club clubs with advanced team personalization capabilities and updated progress, in which you fully control the course of your virtual football player. The most memorable footballers will return to FIFA Ultimate Team as the newly-made heroes of Fut. No matter how you play, excellent authenticity awaits you - more than 17,000 players, more than 700 teams and more than 30 leagues, including UEFA Champions League.

The game takes into account the possibility of optional in-game purchases and contains a virtual gaming currency for which it is possible to buy virtual in-game objects, including their random sample. 

Additional information
Approximate size 50 GB
Developed by EA Canada
Age rating For all ages
Release date 10/1/2021
Category Sports

FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition Xbox One | Xbox XS

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After the window appears that you will need to repeat the entrance to the account from which the game was bought.
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- To start the game, you need online connections
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