The new game from the Forza series is a new racing arcade game that you will like. Yes, it practically did not change anything in contrast to the third part, but nevertheless some customizations occurred, for example, new cars and new sections in the racing mode were added. If you want today that no one will touch you and just want to ride alone on the highway, your choice is a “single game” for renting Forza Horizon 4 Windows 10. If you agreed to spend tonight together, this is a joint game, there you can decide which of you is faster in this game or just ride for fun with him on the same team. Well, the third and fourth modes are a duel and rivals, the first gives the task to get rid of their rivals, and remain in this race the only car in the game. The game gives a wide range of race settings, if necessary, various parameters that will give even more free action on the track. If you realize that you have chosen a poorly tuned sports car for snowy tracks, yes, just change the car to some Muscovite and all your rivals will also be replaced by it. The flexibility that is available in the game’s settings is generally a separate conversation, it’s just such subtle settings that no one has ever seen anywhere else. Management, sliding adjustment, gearbox tuning and more - all this is Forza. The only problem with Horizon is that you don’t have to break your strength in races, because progress will always be replenished, you can even lose all the races and still get through the game, so why do players need it when there is no motivation to win races? The question is rhetorical. If the race is not so interesting, but you want to tune the car, please, in the game it is implemented perfectly, a unique tuning that will be created only by you. If you can’t do car tuning, but you want beautiful cars? There is a gallery, which is replenished with the works of other users, some of them are really high-quality made. There is Nissan Paul Walker, which everyone likes so much, and other works from the Fast and the Furious series. If you do not understand and do not know how to better adjust the tire pressure in tuning, there is a special button for you - “make everything perfect!”. Yes, imagine this too. About the destruction of a car, it’s worth stopping a bit, this is a funny moment, there’s practically no such thing, you crash into another car - and you get only a couple of scratches on the car body. This is very bad, because you drive like an artificial car that will just feel like a tank in this game mode. But still, when you fall many times from the mountain and get several dozens of coups, the game still makes you feel it. The car begins to junk and stand out, you press on the gas, and the maximum speed is only ten kilometers per hour. The game has a funny opportunity that is rarely seen in other games, this is the choice of license plate number for the car. Now, if you want yourself numbers with a certain sequence, then this is the game for you. In general, the game deserves attention, but in order to get a lot of realism from it, this definitely will not happen.

Forza Horizon 4 | Windows 10

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