This game set contains Gallic Wars: Battle Simulator !

Immediately after payment you will receive an original license digital key to download the game «Gallic Wars: Battle Simulator» for XBOX ONE and XBOX SERIES X|S .
Consoles: Xbox ONE \ XS
Languages: all available for this game in the Xbox Store

VPN may be required to activate the key. Detailed instructions for its use are supplied with the key.

Technical support will help in solving any problems with the code. Online 16 hours a day, DAILY.

Additional information
Developed by MadGamesmith
Release date 6/16/2021

Gallic Wars: Battle Simulator | Xbox | Key

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Gallic Wars is a Roguelike tactical strategy game. Fast gameplay, crazy rag-doll physics and challenging rouge-like approach to strategy. Fight your way through roman legions. DEPLOY your troops, PLAN their movement, use magic and items to give yourself an edge, and WIN.

- One of a kind approach to the strategy genre
- Cartoony style - a true eye candy!
- Fast gameplay
- Powerful magic and mighty generals
- Ragdoll physics - everyone likes ragdoll physics!
- Easy to play, hard to master!