How to buy a product, game, rent?

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Let's consider an example of a purchase:
Game: Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War | Xbox one
Number of days for rent: 30 days.
Found on the main page alphabetically, as shown in the picture below. I found the game I needed "Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War". 

We indicate for how many days you want to rent the game Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

There are 3 options:
10 days
30 days
365 days 


We indicate the number of days (1), click "ADD TO CART" (2)

Other way. Go to the page with the description of the game. 
As shown in the picture below. Select the number of days (3), click "ADD TO CART" (4) 



Click on the cart (5), "Checkout" (6) as shown in the picture. 



Fill in all fields from 1 to 11. Click on (12) "Confirm Order"


If you suddenly appear here is such an error "The address is already registered!". Choose as in the picture below "No" (13), Click "Confirm Order". 



We accept for payment:

PayPal - manual (ask support in messenger)
Any cryptocurrency from $ 1 - in manual mode (ask support in messenger)
Perfeect money

Cryptocurrency from $ 50:
USD Tether (ERC20)
USD Tether (TRC20) (USDTTRC)




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1. You need to register. (If you no registered yet)



2. Follow the link to add money to your account in one of the ways


There are 2 ways to replenish your internal account:
 - Bitcoin. After registration, you will be assigned a Bitcoin wallet on the screen, it is shown like this


After transferring money to the BTC wallet, you need to go to the address in order to find out the hash of your transaction.
where 1rent4tdyM1WQaXw5xSsg6ZXBtjN4G9M9 is the wallet number from your personal account


After the transaction hash has been copied, paste it into this field and click "Check HASH". In our case, this is  96ab5444b1a0a5b7aafb221bd546db8898d143b5ac554f128e30a0175886edce


 Your money is instantly credited to your account at the current rate of BTC to USD.

- It is also possible not to replenish the account, but by choosing the desired game, add it to the basket and pay according to the standard.

3. After the purchase, data of the form login: password will be sent instantly to your email address specified during registration.

4. After purchasing, you need. Contact technical support. (Telegram or via messenger on the website)



Change of data on accounts is strictly prohibited.
You need to log in only from the Xbox ONE console.
If Xbox requested a code during authorization, create a ticket with an order number. Our manager will quickly issue you a code.