The main character is a CIA agent, Rico Rodriguez, whose task is to overthrow the president-dictator. The superspy arrives on the island with the goal of setting up a revolution. First, he needs to get to the CIA base (the very first shelter), covering Tom Sheldon by taking a seat at the machine gun in a jeep. Then get into the old fort, where they hold the leader of the rebels and free him. Freeing his brother, Rico is very upset when he finds out that he is the most powerful person on the planet. And that there are no other people who can resist him. He begins to look for these people, inviting everyone to fight in the game to buy an Just Cause account. Will the protagonist find a person or will he be the strongest? Play and start your search path

Additional information
Approximate size 47.28 GB
Developed by Avalanche Studios
Age rating For ages 17 and up
Release date 12/1/2015
Category Action & adventure

Just Cause 3 | Xbox ONE

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