• Just Dance 2019 | Xbox ONE

The game has three gameplay modes: Classic mode, in which players select any track and dance repeating the dancers movements on the screen; Last One Standing mode in which players drop out if they do not earn enough points or make too many mistakes; and “Strike a Pose” mode, in which players start and stop dancing as the game dictates on the screen. There is also a “Practice” mode in which players can dance tracks without having to keep score. Start dancing at last, there are the very basics where you need to learn all this, the gestures that seduce guys, you can teach this in the game Just Dance 2019, just rent it and start playing. And the dance will come on its own

Additional information
Approximate size 21.96 GB
Developed by Ubisoft
Age rating For all ages
Release date 10/23/2018
Category Music

Just Dance 2019 | Xbox ONE

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