In the era of the ancients, the evil god ruled the world, and all of humanity lived under his heel. But fear, which fettered peoples hearts, gave way to rage, and the morning of the Great Uprising came when the struggle for freedom began. After a glorious victory over the overthrown god, people established a new order ... in which there is no forgiveness of sins and salvation is not accessible to anyone. Millennia passed, and the world again fettered fear - for out of darkness came a legion of Rogars - demons moved by the devilish thirst for blood of innocents. Desperate humanity called for the help of a very unusual defender - a publicly rejected sinner imprisoned in a casemate for sinning ... a man named Harkin. Together with his mentor, Castle, they will travel to the heart of darkness in order to challenge the lords of the fallen. Immerse yourself in a dynamic RPG, characterized by a complex and interesting melee system, in which the speed and attacks of the enemy are determined by a combination of weapons, armor and skills. And when one power is not enough - erase the enemy into powder using forbidden magic.

Additional information
Approximate size 6.01 GB
Developed by CI Games, Deck 13
Age rating For ages 17 and up
Release date 2/16/2016
Category Role playing

Lords of the Fallen Digital Complete Edition | Xbox ONE

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