Microsoft Store game crashes to desktop in 15-30 minutes

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This article will help you solve problems with game crashes. If your game does not start then go to this article "The game closes immediately after launch"
Make sure you have installed Windows update 1903. If you have installed this update and the game continues to crash then you need to remove some of the unstable updates.
Step 1: Go to settings (for example, using the keys Win+I or via the start menu) and open item «Update and security».
Step 2: In section «Windows update» press «Updates log».

Step 3: At the top of the update log, click «Remote upgrade».

Step 4: You will see a list of installed updates. Select the updates highlighted in the screenshot below and click «Remove» at the top (or use the right-click context menu).

Step 5: Restart the computer.
If this method does not give the desired result use fix file follow the instructions below.
1. Download this file
2. Copy to your desktop and run the fix file
3. Start the game
4. Wait for the game to load
5. Press Numpad+ on the keyboard (Pressing this key kills the process explorer.exe)
6. Play. If you need to return the PC to its normal state press the keyboard Numpad- (Pressing this key returns the PC to its normal state).
In addition to everything above, try playing in window mode (to switch to window mode, press the left Alt + Etner in the game)

There is another solution to this problem, is to install assemblies Insider Preview.
- Go to start and in the search type Check for updates;
- In the Updates and security window, we find the item pre-evaluation Program — open it;
- Select an item To build Insider Preview — download updates and activate them.