All games in the Need for Speed ​​HEAT series are great races that are based on the same fundamental rules and have similar mechanics - the player controls a race car participating in various races, the goal of which is to win. In tournament / career mode, the player must win a series of races to unlock vehicles, tracks and more. Before each race, the player chooses a car and gearbox, this game, in our opinion, the most popular series of races in the world. All games in the series have a built-in multi-user mode that allows you to compete with each other via split-screen, local area network or the Internet, which will allow you to spend with your friends around the clock on the world tracks of Olympus racing.

Additional information
Approximate size 28.03 GB
Developed by Ghost Games
Age rating For ages 13 and up
Release date 11/8/2019
Category Racing & flying

Need for Speed Heat | Xbox ONE

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