The legendary Sid Meier's Civilization VI xbox one rental strategy again delights us with the release of a new game series. This time we have been given even more opportunities to manage our troops, what to do to conquer this world is a wide variety of new directorates. In general, the game has not changed much, the style is the same, it is possible that only some visual effects have changed and only some points have been added after the last update. You can also choose the year of development of your civilization, for example, when a religion was popular that demolished everyone, and most importantly, the residents' hope was only for the Almighty. But over time, science began to prevail over such flat thoughts of other people. You have to choose your hero who will conquer other countries, or even just be a good manager. For example, Peter the Great, of course, every inhabitant of Russia knows him, he was the creator of a cool empire ... Generation occurs randomly, it can be land near the sea, like not. At the beginning you may have St. Petersburg, which will be equipped with scouts, they will help you scout new lands, which will then be built up by builders. The main thing is to completely review the land, which will then give you excellent resources. One of the important resources is the presence of a port, this will make it easier for you to manage your settlement and send new soldiers to the war, or simply send scouts to new lands. Characters can be improved, only this is done so contradictory that it takes a very long time to learn. Also, over time, you can build a farm that will give you additional resources to your city. The seaport will also provide the necessary resources in the form of fish that will feed your settlement. The huge space around the city will give a planned development, but there is one little trick, develop the city gradually, you do not need to capture new lands until you have developed enough open land, otherwise you will very quickly lose your land, both new and old. You have to work hard on the external government, because you need to be a particularly cunning manager to prevent such that your land will be conquered. To do this, there are several options for the development of your land. In future versions of civilization there was the possibility of a quick recovery of your fighters, but this is not provided for in this part of the game. The game is addictive with its abundance of achievements, which are performed during the game itself. These are open lands, new ones owning enemies, open new games, the creation of new troops and so on. This is what is interesting for the new civilization, which gives a little immersion in all these tasks. Buying new troops will give you additional protection for your land, never regret it for gold. You will always be disturbed at the beginning of the game by the impudent Cleopatra, who will manage her subjects as just an empty place. This will be the bloodthirsty queen who will attack you endlessly, you must be prepared for this all. Do not forget to give rest to your soldiers, who will always be attacked in your game - so you need to create a health care institute to prevent them from getting sick.

Additional information
Approximate size 7.3 GB
Developed by Firaxis Games / Aspyr Media, Inc.
Age rating For ages 10 and up
Release date 11/22/2019

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