Battlefront is fundamentally similar to its predecessor, albeit with the addition of new game mechanics. The common goal, as before, for most missions is the elimination of the enemy faction, however, in the campaign mode, a variety of combat missions are added, the fulfillment of which is the key to victory. The differences between Battlefront II and Battlefront mainly relate to the increase in the number of game modes (flag capture, battle and conquest), the ability to play for various heroes and villains, the presence of sprints for units, and the possibility of somersaulting forward. The main principle of the game is the battle of two armies. Here you need to fight team by team and you have to fight to the last drop of blood in order to defend the honor of the planet.

Additional information
Approximate size 73.54 GB
Developed by DICE
Age rating For ages 13 and up
Release date 11/17/2017
Category Shooter

STAR WARS Battlefront II | Xbox ONE

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