Terms & Conditions

By purchasing any product in our store, you confirm that you agree to the following rules:

1. The guarantee for all goods is maximum and support is provided for its entire period! That is, if you decide to purchase goods from us, then you do not have to worry that after some time you will be refused it.
2. The seller must ensure unhindered entry into the product (this applies to accounts and other accounts) and the absence of any game restrictions in it (bans, locks, etc.)
3. If the description of the product contains an indication of recording a video of the process of purchasing and checking the product, we recommend that you take it seriously.
4. The seller has the right to enter your data into the emergency situations of his store, if there is an uncultural dialogue, rudeness and insults. And also if your actions with the goods are fraudulent.
5. All keys for games in the store are covered by a lifetime warranty!
6. To communicate with the seller about the problem, only correspondence is accepted in the form of creating a ticket on the technical support page (https://rent4.today/support).
7. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the purchased goods - do not rush to leave a negative review. As a rule, all problems are resolved in favor of the buyer, with the exception of situations in which the buyer tries to deceive the seller.
8. If there is a problem with the product - notify the seller about this, but we recommend that you do not delay this appeal.
9. If the seller does not make contact, or is trying to mislead or deceive you, write to us in an online chat, or by other contacts. We will be happy to help you solve this issue, and the seller will be punished until the refusal to sell his goods in the future.

If you are satisfied with the product, then do not be lazy and leave a review with the label "Good" on the site https://trustpilot.com