In Wasteland 3 the fate of Arizona depends on the fate of Colorado. You’re a Desert Ranger, fighting a losing battle to keep your beloved Arizona alive, when the self-proclaimed Patriarch of Colorado radios, promising aid if you’ll do a job he can only entrust to an outsider—rescue his land from the ambitions of his three bloodthirsty children. Wasteland 3 is a post-apocalyptic RPG from inXile entertainment, featuring challenging tactical combat, hours of exploration, and a deep, reactive story full of twists, turns, and brutal ethical decisions. Play in single-player or co-op as you customize your squad with perks and abilities geared to your playstyle, and customize your vehicle—the Kodiak—turning it into a hardened war beast. Saving Colorado isnt going to be easy, but Arizona is counting on you, so... dont screw it up.

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Developed by inXile entertainment, inc.
Age rating For ages 17 and up
Release date 8/28/2020

Wasteland 3 | Xbox ONE

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